Welcome or Croeso as we say in Wales to Bach Ventures Adventure Activity Providers in North Wales.

We are a family run business and have been offering courses since 2000 to families and friends, schools and youth groups.

All of our courses are based on the following three themes;


We tailor our courses to your requirement having first discussed ‘what you want to do / learn / get out of it’. We do not just make you fit into a pre-planned session of activity. This is as relevant to an introductory sea kayaking course to a school group walking up the mountains looking at glaciation effects.

Our instructors allow you to discover

  • Yourself – ‘what you can do / achieve’
  • Community  – ‘the benefits of working with others’
  • New skills
  • Our environment


Something man (& woman) have done ever since we stepped out of the first cave and what an area we have here on our doorstep (the Snowdonia National Park, the Isle of Anglesey and the Llyn Peninsular) providing; mountains, lakes, hidden gorges and stunning coastlines.

Whether you are rock climbing on the mountain crags, kayaking on the lakes or around the coastline to sliding down water falls while gorge scrambling the scenery will be breath taking.


The way we look after YOU, our STAFF and our ENVIRONMENT are all equally important to us.

Our operating procedures and risk / benefit assessments for everything we do are freely available to you.

We only use qualified and experienced staff we know who follow our educational approach to outdoor adventure.

The environment we use is natural and outstandingly beautiful but this must be cared for as well, to ensure it is preserved for those that follow you and us. We have adopted the North Wales Outdoor Environmental Charter to  show our commitment in how we operate through to caring and protecting this environment. We hope you will join us in this aim.

All of the above are taken into account each time you join us, so go on, it’s time to start your discovery of what we can offer you.


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Our activity courses split into the following


Kayaking / Sea Kayaking Courses


Rock Climbing


Coasteering / Gorge Scrambling


Hill Skills & Expeditioning



Bookings: Please email us info@bachventures.co.uk or ring us (01286 650643) to discuss your requirement.

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